Anti-Wrinkle Treatment in Kempston Hardwick, Bedford


Beauty Weavers deliver exceptional anti-wrinkle treatments in a relaxing and comfortable environment. With flexible hours and the very best treatment on offer, clients have the knowledge that their anti-wrinkle treatment will be a seamless and pleasant experience.


Wrinkles are a natural part of life, at Beauty Weaves we deliver high-quality treatment to help reduce the signs of ageing through the use of effective and non-invasive treatments. The anti-wrinkle treatments aim to deliver a non-invasive method of anti-wrinkle treatments without the need for surgery.


Steph Weaver has 10 years of experience within the surgical environment and still works for the NHS. Clients know they will be receiving an expert service from start to finish when they use Beauty Weavers with Steph's experience and knowledge. 


Based in Bedford, Beauty Weavers have years of experience in delivering an exceptional standard of beauty treatments. The anti-wrinkle treatments provided are of the highest standard and are delivered within a comfortable environment. The home-based clinic allows clients to be fully relaxed before and during the treatment to make the experience as pleasant as possible.


With flexible opening hours, Beauty Weavers can tailor treatments to meet the schedules of clients. This tailored service means your anti-wrinkle treatments can be delivered at a time that best suits your needs.


This type of cosmetic treatment is among the most popular in the world due to its effectiveness and simplicity.


There are a wide range of positive reasons for using anti-wrinkle treatments. Some of these include:

Reduce visible signs of ageing/wrinkles
Quick results
Enhance natural beauty


Their procedure is relatively painless apart from a small prick during each injection, due to the size of the injection this is almost unnoticeable. The treatment takes very little time and the full results will be seen after just two weeks. Typically anti-wrinkle injections last from three to four months depending on the individual.

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